Leather accessory pouch- Rosso (red)

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Made of 100% real Aniline leather. The leather accessory pouch is perfect for carrying pens/pencils/small accessories and is perfect for keeping things organized . It measures 10” long x 6” wide. It has a nice nylon liner and is made with up-cycled full grain Aniline leather. 

The Rich patina of the fine aged leather was the inspiration for this bag. The elegant leather features a pull up effect that showcases the depth and transparency of the finish as well as the natural markings of the hide. The hides are Aniline dyed, permeated with oils and waxes and ironed for a sleek finish. Like all natural leather, grain pattern and color may vary from hide to hide. 

100% real leather

nylon liner


waterproof #5 Ykk zipper